03/13/2013 09:28 am ET

Backstreet Boys Video: Nick Carter Hits AJ McLean With A Baseball Bat

"But, Mom, we were just playing around!"

That's probably what Nick Carter said after this video of him smacking AJ McLean with a baseball bat surfaced. It's not really all that incendiary, considering it's billed as a behind-the-scenes look at a Backstreet Boys photo shoot, but we like to imagine that the guys are running home to repent for their horseplay.

The Backstreet Boys were being photographed by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, who posted the video and tweeted this on Tuesday:

Come on, people, "RT" so we can see more!

But even if we don't get other ball-busting videos from the boys, at least their "amazing" fans can anticipate a year filled with BSB greatness. The group is set to release a new album on April 20, in conjunction with their 20th anniversary, and they'll kick off a world tour the following month. The boys will also be the subject of a recently announced documentary titled, appropriately, "Backstreet Boys - The Movie," set to be released this fall. Better rest up, AJ!



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