03/13/2013 04:23 pm ET

'Celebrity Wife Swap': Gilbert Gottfried Freaks Out Alan Thicke's Wife (VIDEO)

On "Celebrity Wife Swap," it was quite the blast from the '90s past, as Gilbert Gottfried and Alan Thicke's wives switched places.

But "Growing Pains" star Thicke should’ve looked out, because Gottfried told cameras he was ready to have sex with another woman.

“We should have sex. Yeah, because if this is a swap ... " Gottfried quipped. But Tanya Thicke shot that down fast. “I don’t think it’s that kind of a swap,” she replied.

Gottfried's cheapness was also on display. He likes to shop at 99 cent stores and get free meals where he can. His extreme frugality insulted Alan’s wife Tanya even more than the sex thing, and she walked out when he tried to take her on a date in the kitchen of a restaurant.

But they worked things out, and in the end, the couples both had good experiences.

Author Jennifer Weiner was tweeting about the show, and she just seemed surprised Gottfried was married.

And The New York Times went home to visit Gottfried and his wife -- despite his sexual jokes, the two seem very happy.

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