03/13/2013 09:54 am ET Updated May 13, 2013

Diane Sawyer On 'Drunk' Controversy: 'I Laughed'

Diane Sawyer spoke out about the mockery she received on Election Night during an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

Sawyer's demeanor during her coverage of President Obama's re-election led many to suspect that she was drunk.

Speaking to Rita Wilson, Sawyer said she brushed off the criticism.

"I laughed, believe me," she said. "Thirty years on television... I really laughed." She added, "We're all in a world where these viral events can skew, or seem to skew, an entire career. And we're better than that ... people should be able to tell a joke that lands badly without it having to be a five-day referendum on their character."

Sawyer also told Wilson that she has always wanted to interview either the incoming or outgoing pope. "I feel I will not get that interview," she said, adding that she is "certain" it will not happen.

In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope to ever participate in a television show. He resigned at the end of February, and Catholic cardinals are currently gathered at the Vatican for the papal conclave.



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