03/13/2013 11:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Emma Stone Company Cover Is The Same As Her Elle Cover (PHOTOS)

Emma Stone has become pretty ubiquitous these days, thanks to her acting chops and her spot-on sense of style. And since fashion glossies seem to be falling all over themselves to book the gorgeous star, we've become very used to seeing her face in at least one of our monthly magazine reads. So when we saw her latest cover for Company, we knew it looked a little too familiar.

In the shot for the April issue of the UK publication, Ms. Stone flicks her hair while donning a bright yellow Lanvin dress and giving the camera a playful red-lipped smirk. Sounds pretty lovely, no? Well that's what Elle magazine thought when they chose the exact same image for their July 2011 cover with the actress. Not to mention Australia's Shop magazine, whose January 2013 cover also used the snap.

Of course, double-duty photo shoots are pretty common in the industry, especially when it comes to international issues. Vogue Paris' June/July 2010 cover photo of Kate Moss was used on Madison Australia's January 2012 cover, while Vogue Japan and Marie Claire Australia shared another image of Kate for their respective covers. Jennifer Lawrence has gotten the same treatment along with Carey Mulligan, whose same exact visage graced Vogue, German Glamour and French Elle.

The one difference between each similarly-covered issue: what the celeb divulges inside the magazine. In Company, Emma admits to having hair color regrets each time she goes from red to blonde (and back again). The upside? "The studios pay for my hair changes," she says. "So that’s cool.”

Check out Emma Stone's recent cover for Company, the original Elle version and Shop Australia's take below and tell us which you prefer.


emma stone cover

emma stone cover

emma stone cover

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