03/13/2013 03:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jennifer Lopez's Dress For The Hollywood Reporter Is An Eyeful (PHOTOS)

We were psyched to check out The Hollywood Reporter's annual "Most Powerful Stylists" issue, where the mag takes us behind-the-scenes with the men and women who dress our favorite celebs.

We were skimming the four different covers, which each feature a star and her stylist team, when suddenly... we got an eyeful of Jennifer Lopez sideboob. (Yeah, we're tired of saying it -- but you'd think celebs were also tired of wearing it.)

It seems ironic that on a magazine cover spotlighting Lopez's savvy stylist team, Lopez herself would be wearing such a malfunction-y dress, the kind that could easily make a Worst-Dressed List the morning after the Grammys. But we suppose that's the point: Jennifer Lopez's outfits look like that on purpose. "Bring on the malfunctions" is her stylists' motto, it would appear.

But that's neither here nor there. Inside the mag, THR has rounded up all sorts of goodies about what it takes to dress Hollywood's A-listers like Julianne Moore, Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts and... Justin Bieber. Like we said, the issue looks pretty interesting.

Check out Jennifer Lopez and her styling team on the cover of THR and tell us: Was the dress a wise choice?


jennifer lopez dress

J.Lo's not the only star who likes to show off sideboob...

The Famous "Sideboob"

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