03/13/2013 11:20 am ET

Joe Scarborough: Obama 'Should Be Commended' For Meeting With Republicans On Capitol Hill (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough had some kinder words than usual for President Obama on Wednesday's "Morning Joe."

The panel was discussing Obama's recent outreach on Capitol Hill. Obama dined with Republican senators last week, and will meet with Senate Republicans and Democrats this week to rekindle discussions for a budget deal. The "schmoozing" has been described as "groundbreaking," and unusual for Obama.

Scarborough echoed that sentiment on Wednesday, saying, "I think the president should be commended for doing it." He called the move "dramatic" and even more so coming from Obama, who he said is expected to believe that going to the Hill would be beneath the office of the presidency.

He noted that Obama has said "harsh things" about Paul Ryan's budget, but praised the president for reaching out to Republicans.

"The last 48 hours has been a great window into the heart of American politics right now where you have the extremists... and then you've got the president and everybody else trying to move beyond those extremsists and trying to get things done for the country," Scarborough remarked.



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