03/13/2013 11:55 am ET Updated Mar 13, 2013

Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb Dress Up In Dog Costumes

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We're not sure when and we're not sure why, but someone (probably Kathie Lee Gifford) decided it was a splendid idea for the hosts of the "Today" show's fourth hour to dress up like dogs. Well, maybe they were puppies.

In what seemed like an attempt to convince more people to "like" their page on Facebook, the "Today" co-hosts suited up in dog outfits. We have no idea how dog suits and Facebook relate, but that doesn't matter — they were in dog suits this morning, people! And of course, "Who Let The Dogs Out" played in the background.

When the topic of barking aloud came up, Kotb said she had "journalistic standards" and sipped her wine.

Gifford wants the show's Facebook page to reach a million "likes" and said that she and Kotb would allow some of their NBC colleagues to sink them in a dunk tank if they reached their new goal. The page reached 500,000 "likes" on Tuesday.

"The reason that we are wearing our dog outfits, it's our way of saying 'Thank you!' Thank you for 'liking' us on Facebook," Kotb said. Yeah, we're still lost but we're not sure it matters.

"Are we still NBC News?" Gifford asked, pointing out that the "Today" show's fourth hour is part of the network's news division. "Not anymore," Kotb said.



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