03/13/2013 12:46 pm ET

Lambert Edwards & Associates, Detroit PR Firm, Releases Timelapse Video Of Move Downtown (VIDEO)

When it comes to what we like at HuffPost Detroit, seeing local companies embrace the city of Detroit is at the top of our list. So it's fitting that another company announced that they had moved their offices from Troy to downtown Detroit on #313Dlove day!

PR firm Lambert Edwards & Associates spent $1.1 million to build out a vacant first-floor retail space at Grand River Avenue at Broadway Street. Nine months ago, firm associates say the 8,668 sq. ft. space in downtown Detroit was an empty storefront filled with sand.

LE&A used timelapse video technology to capture every aspect of the build-out, which you can watch above. Film editors cut down all that sweat equity to just two minutes of hustle.

“As a firm, we have always identified with the ‘made in Michigan’ mentality, and we make it a point to use clients and local companies and vendors whenever possible,” said Jeff Lambert, president and managing partner of Lambert, Edwards & Associates in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. “While our reach extends beyond regional to national and international companies, we take pride in our roots and feel confident that Detroit is a perfect reflection of our Midwest work ethic, underdog status and up-and-coming national appeal.”

Given employees' passion for downtown's sports teams, LE&A says the office is tricked out with all kinds of Detroit sports memorabilia. A new conference room, dubbed "The Locker Room," is lined with custom-built lockers and jerseys from the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings and Pistons. The firm also mounted a real-life racecar on the wall and installed a mini-court and basketball hoop -- talk about mixing work and play!

“Our vision was to create an inviting work place for our employees, a place to connect with clients and give them a reason to come downtown, and to make an impact on the city’s landscape,” Lambert added.

“We are a small blip on the revitalization radar screen in Detroit, but just as we followed the lead of Blue Cross Blue Shield, DTE Energy, Quicken and the Illitch family downtown, we hope other service providers will follow us and realize the benefits of a vibrant urban office, a strong Detroit and a restored Michigan.”

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