03/13/2013 01:07 pm ET Updated Mar 14, 2013

Michael Love, Nianna Williams Taco Meat Fight Requires Indianapolis Police, Medics

An Indianapolis Police Officer identified as "J. Burger" responded to a spicy domestic disturbance Monday night that began with a man taking too much taco meat and ended with a medic flushing hot sauce from a woman's eyes.

Nianna Williams, 20, told police she and Michael Love, 28, began arguing when Love "didn't leave much" taco meat for her, the Smoking Gun reported. A large argument ensued before Love allegedly pushed tacos into Williams' face.

When police arrived Williams complained her eyes were burning "due to taco sauce," according to a report obtained by the Smoking Gun. She required medical attention.

The taco brawl follows a small string of Mexican food-related fights. In late February, when a man hurled a Taco Bell burrito at his brother-in-law, police found the victim unharmed but covered in cheese, sauce, and meat. Then, in early March, a couple faced domestic assault charges after attacking each other with chips and dip while fighting over the last beer.



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