03/13/2013 01:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Miley, Liam Split: 5 Style Signs That Signaled The End Was Near (PHOTOS)

Hollywood is abuzz with rumors that Miley Cyrus has split with fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Not to be all "We told you so," but, well, we kinda sensed the end might be nigh. Between the radically different hairstyles and the bold clothes, Miley has definitely not been looking like Miley the Engaged Lady. She's been dressing like a single girl.

The former Disney star has been furiously shedding her teen-queen image over the past few years. But recently, her style has taken a turn for the ... erm, interesting. The new hairstyle, you'll recall, came in August 2012, two months after Liam put a ring on it. A newer, edgier wardrobe followed the haircut and it's been a roller-coaster ride since.

Now maybe we've finally figured out why. Herewith, five signs that Miley and Liam were on the outs, as filtered through a style lens.

1. Miley's haircut. Celebrities' hair is their bellwether. Like Britney Spears before her, we can tell that a star is itching for a change when they switch up their 'do. Miley's dramatic change from bland brunette to a Billy-Idol-inspired platinum punk coif was our first hint that something was amiss.

miley liam split

2. Miley's sideboob-baring gown at the 2013 pre-Grammys party. The top of her dress was so skimpy that one false move would have caused major red-carpet scandal. Not only did Miley show off more skin than we expected, but the dress was also dotted with sheer insets. Hmm, trying to tell us something, Miley?

miley liam split

3. The outlandish boots. Miley's been spotted wearing some outrageous footwear recently, including thigh-high boots that could pass for something Julia Roberts would have worn in "Pretty Woman." Paired with short shorts and a transparent cropped top and it's safe to say that we get the message, Miley.

miley liam split

4. The punk-inspired outfits. We love grunge, and anything that reminds us of '90s-era Nirvana makes us happy. But seeing Miley in tartan pants, thigh-high combat boots, beanies and studded leather has us plain confused.

miley liam split

5. Miley's engagement-ring-less left hand. X17Online snapped the singer coming from a recording session wearing two diamond bands, prompting rumors that her upcoming nuptials with Liam Hemsworth have been called off.We speculated that she, like many ladies, goes sans ring from time to time. But now that the proof is in the pudding, we can only imagine her throwing that bauble in the toilet, "Sleeping With The Enemy" style.


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