03/13/2013 12:36 pm ET

Vito Lopez, New York Assemblyman, Thought 14-Year-Old Intern Was 'Sexy,' According To Staffer

Vito Lopez, the embattled New York Assemblyman facing a litany of sexual harassment allegations from former female employees, allegedly also made inappropriate comments about an underage intern.

The Daily News reports 71-year-old Lopez once told a staffer, 24-year-old Chloe Rivera, he wished she'd change her style and wear clothes like those of the 14-year-old intern in the office, who he said dressed in "a very sexy way."

Rivera told her mother about the Assemblyman's comment, who alerted the police and filed a complaint with the Assembly. No charges were filed.

The 14-year-old's mother, it turns out, is Pamela Fisher-- a Brooklyn judge who Lopez helped get elected.

Rivera and another female staffer later quit their posts at Lopez's office and filed sexual harassment complaints against him to the Assembly.

Last summer, two other female staffers came forward with bombshell allegations, claiming Lopez had sexually harassed them. In one instance, Lopez is accused of groping one of the women.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver detailed the complaint against Lopez, in which a female staffer claimed she was once "required" to accompany Lopez on a trip to Atlantic City, where he tried to kiss her as "she struggled to fend [him] off before [he] stopped." Then, on the way back from Atlantic City "[Lopez] again put [his] hand between her legs.”

After the allegations surfaced, Silver allowed for a secret payment to settle the charges. The $103,080 payment included taxpayer money, a confidentiality contract, and an agreement for Lopez to attend a sexual harassment seminar.

An ethics committee later criticized Silver for the payment, but cleared him of having done anything criminal.

Lopez was stripped of his powers as chairman of the Housing Committee.

Democrats, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, have called for Lopez to resign.

Lopez, however, has continued to deny the allegations.