03/14/2013 01:55 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

15 Wi-Fi Names We'd Never Connect To

You might not realize, but your wi-fi name is constantly being judged, by neighbors, friends, passing vagrants who stole some poor guy's iPhone while he was using the Port Authority bathroom. If you go with a boring name, who the hell cares about your grandmother and her resting in peace? If you go with something funny, is it funny enough, or are just stealing a Seinfeld quote? I've found it's best to go with a name that no one would ever want to be associated with, a name that brings to mind doing something highly illegal.

Or you could just go with the mega-douche route, too. (P*ssyCrusher69 was already taken in my building.) That works. Anyway, here's a collection of wi-fi names we'd think twice about connecting to.