03/14/2013 05:16 am ET Updated Mar 14, 2013

'American Idol': Nicki Minaj Arrives Late, Misses The Start Of Top 10 Live Performance Show (VIDEO)

Ryan Seacrest kicked off the "American Idol" Top 10 live performance show by saying they were both live and on time. By "they" he clearly meant himself and three of the four judges. There was a very conspicuous Nicki Minaj-shaped hole on the judges' panel. So where was the panel's most outspoken member?

"I hear she’s seven minutes out and there’s some congestion on the 405, so she should be here momentarily," Ryan Seacrest said. The legendary Los Angeles traffic congestion has taken another victim. Stars -- they're just like us!

"Which one of you judges gave Nicki the wrong directions to the studio today?" Ryan quipped. "Who drained the fuel from her car?”

Nicki was about 13 minutes late, fully missing the first performance of the night. But E! News wasn't buying the traffic excuse. According to their website, they overheard Seacrest say they'd have to make up an excuse for her tardiness. If they did, then Nicki was on board with the lie as well. Shortly after the show started, she Tweeted that she was "stuck in traffic."

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