03/14/2013 05:18 am ET Updated Mar 14, 2013

Chuy Explains His 'Splash' Injury On 'Chelsea Lately' (VIDEO)

Chuy Bravo returned to "Chelsea Lately" from his planned stint as a celebrity contestant on ABC's diving show, "Splash." Unfortunately, due to an injury, Chuy had to pull out of the show. But he didn't get hurt on the board or in the water.

"To get on those gigantic sofas I thought, OK, I’m going to step on one of those little tables and jump to the sofa. I did, but the little table broke, and here’s what happened," Chuy said.

"You’ve been in a diving competition two weeks," Chelsea Handler said. "Then you broke your foot by jumping off a table." Chuy's not likely to live this indignity down any time soon.

Filling in for him on "Splash" will be soccer star Brandi Chastain. Chuy is still expected to be a part of the show in some capacity, but fans will have to tune in when the series premieres on March 19 to find out how.

For now, though, fans will just have to get their Chuy fix by watching him on "Chelsea Lately," weeknights at 11 p.m. ET on E!

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