03/14/2013 02:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Girl' Director David Riker Hopes To 'Broaden The Conversation Around Immigration' (VIDEO)

By Michael Lopez


As you may have noticed, we love supporting powerful political dramas (especially when they deal with issues like immigration). This week, writer/director David Riker is bringing The Girl into theaters and he spoke to us exclusively about why this is a must-see movie.

“The Girl is an opportunity to broaden the conversation around immigration today,” he told us. “As Americans and as new immigrants, what do we have in common? What separates us? And why?”

Indeed The Girl poses some important questions about the human experience. Up-and-comer Abbie Cornish stars as a young mother who learns that love (literally) has no borders.

“Abbie is an exceptional actress,” Riker added. “She has extraordinary talent and a great sensitivity. I was struck by her level of commitment, insisting to not only learn her Spanish dialogues, but to learn the language itself!”

The Girl also stars a bright young newcomer named Maritza Santiago Hernandez. Chosen among 3,000 girls at a Mexican casting call, she shines onscreen and it is her character who is at the heart of the film.

“Maritza is amazing and this is her first film role,” David said. “I spent a great deal of time ‘searching for Rosa‘ and saw thousands of young girls in communities all over Oaxaca. I was not looking for a girl who could ‘play’ Rosa — I was looking for Rosa. And when I finally found Maritza I knew I had found her.”

Riker told us that he put a lot of research into this project. And though he didn’t grow up in the world of border patrols and “coyotes,” he feels it is an important message that needs to get out to moviegoers.

“I feel a natural connection with immigrants and, living in New York, I’ve been especially drawn to the stories of immigrants from across the Americas,” he said. “In 2004, I moved with my family to Oaxaca and lived there for nearly eight years where I wrote the script for The Girl, and eventually filmed it there.”

And he told us what sets The Girl apart from other politically charged dramas is that it’s told from a young Anglo women’s perspective. If you can find this movie at your local Cineplex, we highly recommend giving it a look.

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