Forever 21 Photoshop Fail Awkwardly Crops Model's Derriere (PHOTOS)

Forever 21 is the latest retailer to land on our Photoshop fail radar. The offense? Over-zealous rear-end airbrushing.

If you were looking to purchase the Life In Progress Zip Pocket Colored Skinny Jeans on their site, you might have noticed that there's a strange indentation where the model's behind should be. We already knew that the retailer wasn't too into knee caps, but taking out a chunk of the model's derriere? Get it together, Forever 21.

To be fair though, lazy retouching seems to be pretty common in the e-commerce world. Victoria's Secret and J. Crew have both gone a little too Photoshop crazy on their respective model's thighs, while Levi's practically changed one of their subject's anatomy.

Check out Forever 21's Photoshop whoops below and tell us: Do these over-retouched shots make you not want to purchase an item?

[h/t: PsDisasters]


forever 21 photoshop fail

forever 21 photoshop fail

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