03/14/2013 02:46 pm ET

Lena Dunham Doesn't Want A Victoria's Secret Model Body

If Lena Dunham woke up tomorrow in the body of a Victoria's Secret model, she would not be happy.

While speaking in an interview with Playboy for the magazine's "20Q" column, the actress was asked what she would do if she woke up one day in the body of a Victoria's Secret Angel. But Dunham said she has no desire to ever look like a Victoria's Secret model.

"I’d be really disoriented and wonder what had happened in the night. Which enemy had dragged me to the doctor?" Dunham joked to Playboy. "I don’t think I’d like it very much. There would be all kinds of weird challenges to deal with that I don’t have to deal with now. I don’t want to go through life wondering if people are talking to me because I have a big rack."

The 26-year-old said she is content with who she is. "Not being the babest person in the world creates a nice barrier," she told Playboy. "The people who talk to you are the people who are interested in you. It must be a big burden in some ways to look that way and be in public. That said, I probably would want to see if I could get free food at restaurants. Then I’d call a doctor and see if she could return me to my former situation."

Victoria's Secret models might make a career out of being photographed half-naked, but when Dunham does it she makes headlines.

The "Girls" actress and writer has been criticized for her choice to go nude (or partially nude) as she often does -- wearing hard-to-see short shorts on the red carpet and playing topless ping-pong in an episode of her award-winning series, for example. In a particularly rude jab, Howard Stern called her a "little fat girl who kinda looks like Jonah Hill" and said watching her nude body "kind of feels like rape."

Dunham insists that her choice to appear naked so often in her award-winning HBO series isn't part of some political agenda. It is just natural, even though the entertainment industry might have preconceived notions about who should be nude and who shouldn't.

"We have this insane culture where women who don't look like the cast of 'Gossip Girl' are put into sweaters and nightgowns to sleep in," she told CBS in a recent interview. "What I love are the films of the 70s where someone gets out of bed and you see half of their nipple because that's what it looks like for a person to get out of bed."



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