03/14/2013 07:38 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

Marriage Proposal Movie Trailer Scares Bride-To-Be (VIDEO)

How's this for a surprise ending?

A twisted romantic from Poland recently mocked up a pretty convincing scary movie trailer, starring himself, to propose to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

The video mixed snippets of scenes from "The Grey," "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Essential Killing" to amp up a horror vibe that made her cringe in the theater. But as the preview faded to black and the lights went up, the romeo appeared inside the theater with flowers and a ring. And she said "yes."

Not only did this guy secure his soul mate, he also got some good reviews.

"This new one raises the bar for effort," AdWeek raved.

"We're pretty sure this couple will always have a love affair with film trailers from now on," Mashable wrote.

The smitten filmmaker has some competition out there on the proposal trailer scene. Maybe there should be an awards ceremony called the Ask Hers.

Watch the video above to see the romantic stunt, then click through the slideshow below for seven more movie trailer proposals.

Movie Trailer Marriage Proposals

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