03/14/2013 02:34 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

Stop-Motion Music Video By Rufus Features Miniature Landscapes And Wild Face Paint

Broccoli islands, trash bag mountains, and an a man painted like tree bark make up the magical world of Rufus's new music video. Founded in 2010, the Australian electronic dance group has been making waves internationally. The trio will release their debut album "Atlas" this year, and the trippy video above is for the song "Take Me."

The camera pans over deserts and forests that range from surreal to hyperreal. Stop-motion flowers bloom under neon light and painted people cavort under desert skies. We want to escape into this fantastic world!

"The quirkiness of the song is rooted in their recording process, which has included sessions in a farmhouse on the south coast of New South Wales and a hollowed out water tank in the side of cliff," MTVHive reports. "Weird, sure, but nobody can deny their infectious results." Agreed.

Unbelievably awesome or too weird? Let us know what you think of this magical realist music video in the comments.

Correction: In a previous edition of this story, we mistakenly reported that "Atlas" was released last week. We regret the error.