03/14/2013 11:54 am ET Updated May 31, 2013

Ty Pennington Talks Tiny Homes And Other House Trends On HuffPost Live (VIDEO)

It's not every day we get to ask Ty Pennington a question about houses. But we were lucky enough to shoot one at him when he appeared on HuffPost Live this week.

Between his two books, a new television show and a furniture line, we know Pennington is up-to-date with home trends. So what, exactly, is popular today? Not to our surprise, Pennington talked about tiny homes and how there will be more downsizing in the future. "[We're] definitely seeing a lot smaller homes because they're more affordable to maintain," he said.

Interestingly, Pennington also mentioned that he's involved in projects with what he calls "companion homes" where families will take, for example, garages and transform them into little apartments or make them into additional kitchens or bedrooms. "It's all about taking what you have, maximizing the space and adding on," he said.

To learn more about what he's up to and the home trends he's noticed this year, watch the clip above. And be sure to click through our slideshow to see some decor fads we're tired of seeing.

Decor We Don't Want To See

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