03/15/2013 08:11 am ET

'Auction Kings': How Much Is President Thomas Jefferson's Desk Worth? (VIDEO)

Owner Paul Brown was absolutely stunned by an item that walked into his auction house on "Auction Kings." Todd brought in an old family heirloom, but it had so much more historical significance than Todd fully realized. Todd explained that the desk he'd brought in actually dated back to President Thomas Jefferson.

"My family purchased his home in Poplar Forest, Virginia, in the 1840s, and I inherited it about three years ago," Todd explained.

"If it is what it appears to be, it’s by far, hands-down, nothing even comes close, the best piece I’ve ever had in my possession," Paul said.

And it was exactly as it appeared to be. The seller was hoping for $6,000 to set up a college fund for his 6-year-old daughter. At auction, the piece did much better than that, selling for $65,000. That should make for a great start to the college fund, as well as helping in other areas of his life.

Fans of Thomas Jefferson with smaller pocketbooks can get reproductions of some of his furnishings at the Monticello gift shop online.

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