03/15/2013 02:31 pm ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

Best Chinese Food In LA: The 10 Yummiest Dishes To Try (PHOTOS)

This story comes to us courtesy of Refinery29.

By Kristin Guy

There's no denying that L.A. is a literal melting pot of gorgeous food offerings. On any given day, an Angeleno can travel the globe within a two-mile radius, giving that passport (and belly!) the runaround in a span of three meals. And, when it comes to Chinese food, we take the cake — and the noodles, and the dumplings, too! Whatever you're hankering, someone is certainly dishing. In fact, some neighborhoods are completely devoted to a particular region or specialty.

We know what you're thinking: Holy dim sum, the options are endless! Don't be daunted, because whether you're in the mood for a traditional Cantonese pork bun or more adventurous fare, we suggest you skip the standard takeout menu and dig into one of these top ten dishes. Trust us, chopstick skills aren't required!

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Best Chinese Food In LA