03/15/2013 09:30 am ET

Burning Man Love: Patrick Roddie's Photographs Capture Lovebirds At The Playa (PHOTOS)

At the cultishly beloved hippie fest that is Burning Man, love is in the air -- as are the sandstorms. Good thing photographer Patrick Roddie was there to capture the cutest couples of the Playa, in all their sand-protective goggled, tribal-tattooed glory.

We can't help but get all mushy inside after seeing Roddie's heartfelt series, documenting intimate moments at the 2012 festival. The self-taught, San Francisco-based photographer, who has been a Burning Man regular for 15 years, also works as a wedding photographer, attuning him to the art of capturing sentimental moments. Yet in an interview with "Ignite Me," Roddie explained that while weddings are romantic, nothing compares to that special kind of burning (man) love:

"While openly proclaiming your devotion is a beautiful thing, it can’t match the intensity of that first stolen glance, your first kiss. Don’t get me wrong, weddings are replete with love and it’s absurdly easy to capture. All I do is frame two people interacting, wait a few seconds and something beautiful and real will almost certainly happen."

Check out the Playa's most photogenic lovebirds in the slideshow below and let us know if you're inspired to ditch OKCupid and invest in some furry boots and face paint.

Images of Love At Burning Man (NSFW)