03/15/2013 09:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Foods That Should Never Be Green

Saint Patrick's Day definitely inspires a lot of enthusiasm from people -- Irish or not. The pubs get packed, green clothing is everywhere, and people actually order corned beef. But traditional Irish fare is not the only food enjoyed on this holiday; normal food, dyed green, also makes the scene.

While there are recipes that work with green food coloring, like cakes and dessert bars, other recipes just go horribly wrong. Some foods just shouldn't be green -- ever. Not even in the name of St. Paddy's spirit. And especially when it comes to the five foods below.

1.) Chocolate Chip Cookies - We're clearly not offended by green desserts. We like them as cakes, cupcakes and even brownies. But there are some desserts that should not be messed with, and chocolate chip cookies are one of them.


Photo credit: Flickr/slgckgc

2.) Bagels - We love bagels so much that the thought of them in pasta form makes us squeal with delight. But green bagels, those just look like a side effect of a nuclear melt down.

Photo credit: Flickr/ thenestor

3.) Green Eggs - With all the respect in the world to Dr. Seuss, eggs should not be green. Not ever. And especially not when scrambled.

Photo credit: Flickr/Ben Husmann

4.) Green Beer - Beer never did anything to you, except make you happy. So why would you do this to beer?

Photo credit: Flickr/Sonnett

5.) Irish Soda Bread - Sure, it's true that most of us only think about Irish soda bread during the month of March. We bake it to honor Saint Patrick. But just because we're baking it for this holiday, that doesn't mean we should make it green. It just makes it look moldy.

Photo credit: Flickr/idovermani

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