03/15/2013 07:47 am ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

'Grey's Anatomy': Jackson Avery Wants To Change The Name Of The Hospital (VIDEO)

Jackson Avery took charge of Seattle-Grace after the Harper Avery foundation took over the ailing hospital on "Grey's Anatomy." Right away, he had some big changes in mind.

"We are reopening the ER. We will be a level one trauma center again," he revealed. But that wasn't the biggest change he had in mind. He wanted to change the identity of the hospital, too.

"I move to rename the hospital," he said. He then flipped a notepad around to reveal to the other doctors his new proposed name: Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

The new name would honor their fallen friends, Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan. Of course, all of the doctors were in favor of the change. Celebuzz said the moment had them tearing up, while Buddy TV said, "Nicely done, Dr. Avery. Nicely done."

See what happens next at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital on "Grey's Anatomy," Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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