03/15/2013 09:49 am ET Updated Mar 15, 2013

Mitch McConnell CPAC: Senator Speaks At Conservative Political Action Conference

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) made a pop-cultural reference Friday in his speech at CPAC, jabbing at the age of Hillary Clinton.

"Don't tell me Democrats are the party of the future," he said, "when their presidential ticket looks like a rerun of the Golden Girls." The minority leader was referring to the 1980s sitcom about four older women living together, starring comedian Betty White.

"They got Hillary and Joe Biden," he said.

McConnell is throwing a stone in a glass house. He is six years older than Clinton at 71, while Biden is 70.

He has an election of his own to win in 2014 in Kentucky, where he is already airing ads, and actress Ashley Judd is expected to run against him. McConnell continued to attack a liberal super PAC, Progress Kentucky, for sending racist tweets about his wife, Elaine Chao. The group, however, has very little money.

McConnell said the fight against Obamacare is not over, despite the fact that President Barack Obama was reelected and that it was upheld by the Supreme Court. He also offered praise for fellow Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Both moves seemed calculated to appeal to conservative base voters.

He brought a prop of what he said was 20,000 pages of Obamacare regulations, tied in a bright red ribbon. Referring to an amendment this week by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that failed, he said, "Every single Republican voted to defund Obamacare." The crowd loudly applauded. "Anybody who thinks we have moved beyond it is dead wrong."

He said that he would "bring the fight to the left."

"I'm going to mention my Kentucky colleague Rand Paul as an example of that," he said to loud applause.

Below, a liveblog of the latest updates from CPAC:

03/16/2013 5:31 PM EDT

Rand Paul Scores Straw Poll Win

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) came out on top of this year's CPAC straw poll. Click here to read more.

03/16/2013 4:54 PM EDT

Birther's 'Inappropriate' Questions Face Fire

From HuffPost's Paige Lavender:

Orly Taitz, commonly known as the "Birther Queen," was rebuked by blogger Pamela Geller during a Saturday panel on Islam and national security at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Click here to read more.

03/16/2013 4:53 PM EDT

Walker Goes 47%: Obama Wants 'Government Dependence'

HuffPost's Jason Linkins reports:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker took the stage Saturday at CPAC, praising the assemblage for its support during the fraught Wisconsin recall fight, which Walker won, allowing him to stay in power. His speech was themed around the idea that the states are the laboratories of policy -- "Real reform does not happen in Washington, it happens in the statehouses throughout this country," he said -- and that he, in particular, was leading the way to end "government dependency."

If future GOP presidential runs depend on silver-tongues articulation of dorm-room "makers vs. takers" arguments, then Walker's future is pretty bright.

Click here to read more.

03/16/2013 1:51 PM EDT

PHOTO: CPAC Highlights, Sarah Palin Drinks 'Big Gulp' On Stage: 'Bloomberg's Not Around. Don't Worry'

sarah palin cpac 2013

(Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

03/16/2013 1:37 PM EDT

PHOTO: CPAC Highlights, Rick Santorum Looks Like He Is About To Give Us A Knuckle-Sandwich

santorum cpac 2013

(Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images)

03/16/2013 1:34 PM EDT

CPAC Highlights: Steve King

@ elisefoley :

RT @EvanMcSan: Steve King calls them "undocumented Democrats" #Immigration #CPAC2013

03/16/2013 1:01 PM EDT

PHOTO: CPAC Highlights, Michele Bachmann: Conservatism Is "The Movement Of Love, The Movement Of Care."

michele bachmann cpac 2013

(Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images)

03/16/2013 12:57 PM EDT

Phyllis Schlafly Invited CPAC Audience To Follow Her On Twitter

@ achorowitz :

Phyllis Schlafly just asked if we would please follow her on Twitter. What.

03/16/2013 12:52 PM EDT

Schlafly On Immigration

@ Bencjacobs :

Phyllis Schafly says immigrants will all vote Democratic, I don't think Marco Rubio agrees #cpac

03/16/2013 12:51 PM EDT

Phyllis Schlafly On Amnesty

@ jmartpolitico :

Phyllis Schlafly: "comprehensive is a synonym for amnesty"



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