03/15/2013 12:23 pm ET

School Shooting: 'Blackboard Wars' Student Shot; Principal Tells Faculty (VIDEO)

Failing grades and behavioral problems aren't the only challenges facing the staff at John McDonogh High, the troubled New Orleans school profiled on the OWN series "Blackboard Wars." In this advance clip from a new episode, Principal Dr. Marvin Thompson delivers another blow of bad news to his faculty: A student from the school has been shot, and another student was involved, possibly being the intended target of the shooting.

On the day following the shooting, as a crisis intervention center is being set up at the school for students, Dr. Thompson has this to say to his staff:

"Let's just be real. Some of these kids know more than we know. The only thing we will discuss as a faculty are the facts as we know them, and our role in that is very limited. We are not policemen, we are not reporters... we are caretakers of children and that's what our mission is going to be today."

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