03/15/2013 08:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The REAL Women Of LA' Music Video Explains What It Takes To Bed An Angelena

What does it take to bed a woman in Los Angeles?

Not much, according to new music video "The REAL Women Of LA." Contrary to popular wisdom, all Angelenas really need is a sweet, kind and disease-free guy.

"We like porking you but we need romance too," sings one woman. But our favorite piece of advice?

"Just get to know us over some Umami." Mmm... delicious.

Filmed as a response to DJ Lubel's "Women Of LA" song, which portrayed LA's fairer sex as gold-digging drug addicts, the music video (above) lets viewers know LA ladies do love to screw. It just has to be with the right dude at the right time.

Creator Deborah S. Craig, who is also an actress and director, said seeing Lubel's outrageously sexist take on LA ladies didn't enrage her like it did so many other women.

"I just felt like it was about a guy who couldn't get laid and it was silly," Craig said to HuffPost. But after reading Erin Gibson's blog, which slammed Lubel's video as the "Anti-Female Anthem of 2013," Craig started to see why so many were upset about the song.

"To be fair to DJ Lubel, it is HIS perspective and he's entitled to it. And for all I know, this could be his actual dating experience in LA," said Craig. "But also, if Erin Gibson was bold and brave enough to write that play-by-play,
we could add to that by making a super silly video and set the record straight about the Women of LA."

Craig enlisted friends and fellow Broadway actresses Lisa Datz, Jacqui Polk, Haviland Stillwell and Jessica-Snow Wilson, as well as co-producer Milena Govich, to showcase LA women as they really are: multiethnic, smart, sexy -- and really into "peen."

Watch the music video that started it all and let us know in the comments below: do you think Craig hit the nail on the head?

WARNING: Language and video is graphic.

CORRECTION: This post incorrectly stated that Craig was offended by Gibson's post, when in fact she was motivated by it. The story has been updated to include more details about Craig's motivation. We regret the error.



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