03/16/2013 08:30 am ET Updated Jun 10, 2013

Jude Law Lawsuit: Actor Sues Fireplace Maker For Using Images Of Him In Ads

Jude Law is suing Canadian fireplace manufacturer Paloform after they used his image online and in print ad campaigns without his consent.

In the lawsuit, the 40-year-old actor alleges that his face was seen on the company's website, Facebook and Pinterest pages, as well as on numerous advertisements.

According to E! Online, the suit -- filed this week in Los Angeles County Superior Court -- states that Law is one of "the most recognized, highly regarded, critically acclaimed, and commercially valuable motion picture actors in the world" and that his face would be a huge selling point for Paloform. Reportedly, Law's IMDB profile was included in the paperwork -- just in case the court didn't believe he was a Hollywood star.

The "Side Effects" actor is asking for general and special damages and an immediate permanent injunction preventing the Toronto-based business from any further use of his name or image for commercial purposes.

As of late, it appears Paloform has removed any images of Law from their website and/or social media accounts.



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