03/17/2013 02:20 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2013

Bikes On BART Trial Period Begins

Bikers rejoice!

Starting Monday, BART will begin a weeklong trial period of allowing bikes on its trains at all times, even during busy commuter hours.

"We're all looking, very interestedly, at how this will work on our trains," said BART Board of Directors President Tom Radulovich to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bikes will be allowed on trains at all times from March 18-22, but cyclists are asked to refrain from the first three cars during the morning and evening rush. Currently, bikes are only allowed on trains during non-commute hours -- an effort to relieve congestion on already crowded trains. But cyclists have long protested the rule.

"I often have multiple stops and I need my bike on the other end,” Adina Levin of the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition told KQED. “Bringing your bike on board gives you 16 times as much access as walking, you can get 16 times as far, so it’s a really powerful tool.”

The trial period follows an August pilot program, during which bikes were allowed on trains at all times on Fridays, and as SF Weekly wisely noted, "nobody died from co-mingling."

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