03/17/2013 11:16 am ET

Deer Heads Stolen: Woman Arrested After Taxidermy Heist In Florida


A woman was arrested on Friday after she went to the yard of a Crestview mobile home and stole two deer heads, which were already embroiled in a custody battle between two other parties.

The deer conspiracy started in late January, when a couple was evicted from their home, according to the Daily News. They brought their belongings -- including the heads -- to a friend's house, but they were promptly kicked out of that house too, after a fight.

The unidentified couple left their deer heads with the friend for months. When they returned to get the heads back on Friday, the friend said she had left them with a neighbor, who put them in the front yard. That's when a third party stole them.

Luckily, cops found a culprit -- also not named in police reports -- and charged her with petit theft. The deer head heister is due on court on March 26.

There have been plenty of bizarre theft cases this year. In January, two Georgia men were arrested after allegedly stealing $65,000 worth of chicken wings, amid a nationwide demand for the delicious Super Bowl snack.

And in February, also in Georgia, a thief with an apparent sweet tooth stole a Krispy Kreme donut truck and led cops on a high speed chase over 15 miles of highway. At some point, James Major reportedly hit a dead end road and police dogs caught up with him.



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