03/18/2013 11:47 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

Baby Jordyn Rose Rescue: Chicago Police, Doorman Help Save Infant By 'Divine Intervention' (VIDEO)

With the clock ticking and their 4-month-old daughter struggling to breathe, Chicago parents Matthew Howath and Kristin Creed needed a miracle.

Instead, they got three: a trio of Good Samaritans in the form of a hotel doorman and two Chicago cops.

According to the Sun-Times, the couple was home in their Gold Coast apartment Saturday afternoon with their daughter Jordyn Rose when the baby's breathing started to falter.

The roughly half-mile trip to the Lurie Children's Hospital from their E. Delaware apartment across from the Talbott Hotel is normally a snap, but the streets were clogged with St. Patrick's Day revelers and no cabs were available on Saturday.

The panicked parents wrapped the child in a blanket and tried in vain to stop a taxi on the street below when they were spotted by Talbott doorman Dwayne Neff, who often greeted the couple.

"I could sense the panic," Neff, 54, told the Tribune. Neff sprinted down the street officers Karen Wojcikowski and Michael Seiser who were stationed nearby.

ABC Chicago reports normal protocol is that police call an ambulance to the scene, but Seiser realized the baby might not have that much time. "When the tongue started to swell, I was afraid that the child's throat was starting to constrict and to close," he said.

Putting on the sirens, the officers cut through the holiday traffic with the family in the squad car, arriving in time to save Jordyn Rose, who the couple notes is named for the former and Chicago Bulls stars Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose.

Wojcikowski told the Tribune it was a "blessing" that neither parent thought to call an ambulance, which would have sat in traffic much longer.

Neff, who described himself as a spiritual man to the Tribune, called the baby's rescue "divine intervention."

The following day after Jordyn Rose recovered from what was suspected to be an allergic reaction to peanuts, the family baptized her and marked the occasion at Neff's hotel.

"We were there at the right time," Wojcikowski told ABC. "They came up to us, we got them to the hospital and the baby is being baptized today. Is that divine intervention or what?"



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