03/18/2013 07:41 pm ET

Charlie Sheen's Private School Drama Continues, Claims Viewpoint Lackeys Threatened With Knife Note (VIDEO)

The feud between Charlie Sheen and a private Los Angeles elementary school has intensified to illegal acts, claims the actor.

In a phone call to TMZ Monday, Sheen claimed that supporters of Viewpoint School stuck a butcher knife through a menacing note to a tree in ex-wife Denise Richards' front yard, right where their daughters Sam and Lola could see it. While he wouldn't elaborate on the contents of the note, he said it was a threat.

Sheen responded to the note with a threat of his own on the call, saying, "I will return it through their heart. How about that?" The actor also hinted that he was able to recognize the two people who posted the note because they were captured by surveillance cameras, the footage of which was handed over to police.

The Los Angeles Police Department had no comment on this story.

The conflict stems from allegations Sheen made over Twitter last week that Viewpoint didn't do enough to address a bullying problem Sheen's daughter Sam faced at the school. The alleged bullying, which took place last year, was about Sam's appearance and Sheen's termination from "Two And A Half Men." Sheen and Richards chose to remove Sam from the school when the bullying didn't stop, the actor claimed.

In the same tweet, Sheen then encouraged his supporters to smear rotten eggs or "dog sh*t" on school grounds. Viewpoint issued a statement about his allegations the next day, saying they dealt with the bullying incident appropriately. The school also denounced Sheen, who went unnamed in the statement, for using social media to "encourage actions that may risk the safety and security of any school."

But did Sheen really want people to deface an elementary school with disgusting graffiti? The actor addressed his call to arms on the TMZ call, claiming it was just a joke -- sort of.

"If they had [done] it would have been just an off-label benefit," said Sheen. "But they didn't, so now it's metaphoric."



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