03/18/2013 01:38 pm ET

Cody Larson Allegedly Vomits 14 Bags Of Heroin

No need for a gag order on this one.

Cody Larson, 24, allegedly vomited up 14 bags of heroin in front of police officers Sunday.

Police in Riverdale, N.J., say they were responding to a report of a man snorting heroin in a Walmart parking lot, when they confronted Larson -- a Walmart employee -- who was sitting in his Chevy Camaro.

Larson allegedly admitted that he had been snorting heroin, and officers searched his car. While they were searching, officers say Larson vomited up 14 bags of the stuff.

Witnesses told police they had seen Larson swallowing something as the cruiser drove into the parking lot.

The Pompon Lakes man was slapped with a slew of drug charges, as well as tampering with evidence and driving an unregistered vehicle.

He was released from jail on his own recognizance, and will appear in court on March.

Apparently Larson's stomach wasn't as strong as that of a Nigerian woman who was caught in March at a DC area airport smuggling nearly five pounds of heroin pellets in her gut. Customs agents had become suspicious when they noticed her "abnormally rigid" stomach.

In November, a woman was nabbed at the Canadian border trying to smuggle 51 heroin-filled condoms she had swallowed. Doctors say she would have died without medical intervention.



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