03/18/2013 03:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Brent Returns: Ricky Gervais' Original 'Office' Boss Back For 'Comic Relief' Contribution (VIDEO)

Just as the American "Office" is about to end its run, the original bad boss himself, David Brent, has resurfaced in this ten-minute short.

Before "The Office" became a smash hit in the United States, Ricky Gervais perfected cringe humor with the original version of "The Office" on BBC, where Gervais played the clueless Brent, an insecure paper company office boss who was cheeky at best and unspeakably offensive at worst. That show ended after two seasons and a Christmas special in the U.K., and despite flirtation with Gervais reprising the character on the U.S. "Office," Brent has been MIA.

Until now. Gervais has become a worldwide celebrity in the ten years since his "Office" went off the air, but Brent has sunk to new lows, peddling around England selling bathroom cleaning products and attempting to manage bands.

We pick up with Brent in the above video on Gervais' YouTube channel for a short created for Britain's Comic Relief. We see him produce a music video with his protege, Dom Johnson. (The video, "Equality Street," is below.)

We have to ask, though: Where's longtime Gervais co-conspirator Stephen Merchant?




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