03/18/2013 09:28 am ET

Kate Del Castillo Defends Movie Role As Chicano Transgender

The scene takes place in bleak jail barrack bathroom, lit by bare light bulbs. In character as “Mouse,” a Chicano transsexual convict, Kate del Castillo soaps herself up from head to toe – and if there’s one thing the audiences will notice right away, it’s the fact that del Castillo is sporting thong underwear with a very noticeable bulge.

“It’s very challenging to take on this kind of role,” explains del Castillo of her tattooed character in the prison thriller “K-11,” now playing in select theaters nationwide and available on VOD. “But to play a man, in a role that could have been played by a man? It’s really rare to have an opportunity like that and I went into it with everything I had.”

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