03/18/2013 09:02 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Misses Flight From NYC To LA, Arrives 48 Minutes Late To Court (VIDEO)(UPDATE)

Could Lindsay Lohan be tempting fate?

LiLo is due in California court this morning (March 18) for a hearing that will determine her future and decide whether or not she will go to jail. If Lohan doesn't show up at 8:30 a.m. PST she'll be issued a bench warrant, reports TMZ. And yet, the actress managed to miss two flights out of New York this weekend.

According to various reports, on Saturday night LiLo skipped her scheduled flight to attend a concert at The Red Door in NYC, where City of the Sun performed. She then stepped off her Sunday flight for fear something was wrong with the plane, reports TMZ. Though she had already boarded, Lohan left the plane along with 35 other people because of a "fuel leak."

Fortunately, it seems like Lohan's rich and powerful friends came through for her. Just an hour ago she tweeted:

Given that a flight from New York to LA takes between five and six hours, it is unclear if LiLo will make it on time.

If and when she does arrive in court, a local law firm will be awaiting her approval. After the judge deemed her attorney Mark Heller incompetent in California law, Fox News legal analyst David Wohl reached out to Lohan on Twitter and asked to help represent her:

According to ABC News, attorney Paul Wallin (for whom Wohl works) said Lohan would have to approve his firm's involvement in the case, and she has yet to formally sign them on.

What got Lohan into this mess in the first place was lying to police after she was involved in a car crash in Malibu last summer.

UPDATE: Lohan finally arrived to court this morning, unfashionably 48 minutes late, accompanied by her lawyer Mark Heller. She was seen wearing an all white outfit (which, according to TMZ, means she took the time to change) and had gold glitter thrown at her right as she was about to enter the courthouse.



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