03/18/2013 07:19 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

'Revenge': Amanda's Foster Brother Is Going To Be Trouble For Emily (VIDEO)

Fans knew it was going to be trouble when Amanda Clarke's foster brother Eli showed up to her funeral last week on "Revenge." At the graveside he met Emily Thorne -- who is, of course, the real Amanda Clarke. While it didn't appear Eli recognized her right away, that pesky wrist tattoo of hers gave her away. WetPaint said simply, "Um ... PANIC!"

Just when she was so close to getting back on the revenge-against-the-Graysons track, here came another blast from her past that she would need to focus on. As Buddy TV dubbed it, Eli is another detour in Emily's path for Grayson destruction.

Eli had always been there for her back in the day, but he seemed a lot more opportunistic in his return. After Emily offered him $100,000 -- and erased his extensive criminal record -- to go away and start his new life, he instead cozied up closer to the Graysons. He even donated her check to the charity the Graysons have set up to honor Amanda.

The charity is also a place for them to hide their own fortune in the even their assets are seized. It was a great opportunity to cripple them, but Nolan found out that a legendary hacker named Falcon was back on their payroll, and he's even better than Nolan's super-hackware.

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