03/18/2013 04:49 am ET Updated Mar 18, 2013

'The Amazing Race': Dave And Connor Push Dave's Injury To The Limit (VIDEO)

The question on everybody's mind these past few weeks on "The Amazing Race," has been: just how long are Connor and Dave going to keep racing? The father-son duo has been racing with an injury for two legs of the race, and still managed to come in first on both of those legs.

This week, however, Dave revealed that his doctor told him he needed to get in for surgery on his achilles tendon within seven days. And so they made the difficult decision to go to the mat and end their time on the race.

Buddy TV felt this entire plot was handled in a rather manipulative way. "Unless I am mistaken, this is new information, Buddy TV wrote. "Information deliberately held back by the show to make us tune in to this very unfortunate saga."

RealityWanted didn't seem bothered by the new information from that standpoint. They were just sad to see the pair go, writing, "That injury is so unfortunate, and I have a feeling we'll see them in a future season. They'll be the definition of Unfinished Business!"

With Dave and Connor out of the race, it opened up first place for Pam and Winnie. It also saved Chuck and Wynona, as there was no other elimination this week. The married couple has been skirting elimination for three weeks now.

See who gets eliminated next on "The Amazing Race," Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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