03/18/2013 11:37 am ET

Tuning Fork In Water VIDEO Shows Physics In Action

In super-slow motion, the world is a different place: Hummingbirds' wings flap slowly, water balloons explode gracefully, and a tuning fork -- not so exciting to watch at normal speed -- makes for a fascinating physics demonstration.

Just check out the video above, created by "The Slow Mo Guys." English filmmakers Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy team up to show the world in slow-motion, and their videos often spotlight a specific aspect of science.

But why a tuning fork?

"When you dunk it in water, the frequency vibrates the water in a cool way," Free explains in the video. Skip to 1:07 to see the vibrations come to life.

What's the physics behind these tuning fork shenanigans? When struck, the double-pronged metal rod vibrates at a constant frequency -- and thus emits a constant pitch. The naked eye can't spot the vibrations, but dipping the tuning fork in water and slowing down the footage make them anything but invisible.

The Slow Mo Guys have also captured water balloons popping and rubber bands destroying a watermelon, among other things.



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