03/19/2013 07:54 am ET

'Castle' Calls Wes Craven For Help With A Case Of Haunted DVDs Killing People (VIDEO)

A horror movie erupted all over the case-of-the-week on "Castle," and it required the big guns to come in and help. When people think of horror movies, only a few select names come to mind and one of those is certainly Wes Craven. Luckily, he just happens to be good friends with Castle.

People were dying exactly three days after watching a mysterious DVD, which is certainly a familiar notion to horror fans. And Craven knew exactly what to do as well -- even if it did feel like the show was heading in a supernatural direction with how calmly everyone was taking things.

"The key is in the spirit’s origin story," Craven told Castle. "Once you have that, you can figure out the spirit’s weaknesses. If it’s using the disc as its portal into our world--"

"Then the disc would contain clues to the spirit’s story," Castle finished.

In the end, there were no restless spirits, keeping reality firmly under the show's feet. But Buddy TV still called that phone call between Castle and Craven an instant classic. It's good to have friends in high places. TV Fanatic wrote, "Being friends with the king of scream has got to be fun."

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