03/19/2013 07:55 am ET

'Dallas': Joan Van Ark Returns As Valene With Some Choice Words For Sue Ellen (VIDEO)

The flashbacks kept coming on "Dallas." This time it was in the form of Joan Van Ark who reprised her "Knots Landing" role as Valene, wife to the third Ewing brother, Gary. "Knots Landing" was a long-running spinoff of "Dallas." Val relocated to Knots Landing after J.R. made her an outcast from the Ewing family, and she resented and disliked both J.R. and Sue Ellen completely.

"You are just as sadistic as J.R. ever was," Val told her. Sue Ellen had called Val to come to Dallas because Gary was nosing around and trying to be supportive of her struggles with sobriety. She told both Val and Gary, though, that she only wanted to see them together in what time they all had left. She could have been sincere in that, but with Sue Ellen, it' hard to tell sometimes.

Culture Map Dallas loved seeing Valene at Sue Ellen's throat again, and hopes there's more where that came from. TV Fanatic said that Valene was always a whiner, so Sue Ellen shouldn't feel too bad.

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