03/19/2013 01:19 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Immoral Productions Becomes First Porn Company To Be Targeted Under LA County's Condom Law

Watch out for the condom police. A porn production company appears to be the first to be targeted for allegedly violating LA county's mandatory condom law.

The AIDS Health Foundation, which lobbied for the law to pass as Measure B in November, filed a complaint with the county Sunday after receiving an anonymous letter and videotape filmed by someone on an Immoral Productions set, XBiz reports. The letter and video showed that the adult film company did not use condoms on set, the foundation said.

The foundation also reviewed content on Immoral Productions' website to confirm that condoms weren't being used, the Los Angeles Times reports.

"We're putting them to the test," foundation President Michael Weinstein told the Times. "If democracy means something in LA County -- if porn producers and county supervisors are not above the law -- then they will enforce it."

The new law requires porn producers to purchase a health permit from the county. Then, just as with restaurants, the county will inspect permitted sites, and, if health violations are found (i.e. condoms are not used), the operation will be shut down. However, it is not clear if any inspections have taken place so far.

Leading up to the vote on Measure B in November, opponents argued that enforcement would be nearly impossible because condoms would be put on when an inspector came and taken off when an inspector left. Also, many porn scenes are filmed in houses and backyards without permits.

Jonathan Fielding, director of LA County Public Health, said that he was not sure how the department, without extra funding, would enforce the new law.

Since the law went into effect in December, it appears that all the department has done is sent a letter to the porn production companies informing them that permits are now required.



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