03/19/2013 03:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jeffrey Allen Price, Multi-Media Artist, Creates Maps By Repurposing Sponges (PHOTO)

Hint: you use them for... cleaning.

We thought we had seen just about every way to repurpose a sponge, but we were so wrong.

Artist Jeffrey Allen Price upcycles the common household item by creating works of arts out of them. What could he possibly make using these dingy scrubbers? Well, maps for starters.

We came across his “USA (Used Sponges Assemblage)" creation, which according to an interview with Conver Gallery, was inspired by sculptor Jean Dubuffet and was made from used cleaning supplies in a rainbow of colors. "It was a kind of metaphor for American being used up and dirty. I wanted every sponge to be different," Price told the site.

jeffrey allen price

Price has also created a map of Manhattan, Tsunami-affected areas in Japan and a entire globe. In January he crafted his latest work of art, "Spongy Brain (Dirty Mind)," which color-coordinates different parts of the human brain. And if you think that's cool, head over to his website to see a kitten made entirely from stickers of cats.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Conver Gallery interview with the artist. Hat tip to Like Cool.

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