03/19/2013 05:16 pm ET

Kansas City Mayor Sly James Speech Interrupted When Man Storms Stage (VIDEO)

Kansas City Mayor Sly James was in the middle of his "State of the City" address on Tuesday when a man walked onstage, knocked down a flag positioned behind the mayor, and proceeded to yell into the microphone, the Kansas City Star reports.

"This man just got through talking about exactly what the [expletive] he ain't [expletive] did," the man said, before being tackled by James' protection officers and arrested, Fox 4 News reports.

According to police, the man was unarmed and not directly upset with the mayor, the Kansas City Star reports.

The mayor kept his cool, commenting that "It's unfortunate that we have people who feel that somehow we have left them behind. I don't blame him for whatever feelings he wanted to express, I do have a small problem with the method."

Watch a video of the man interrupting James' speech above.



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