03/19/2013 12:18 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2013

Louisiana Science Education Law Targeted For Repeal By Dem Lawmaker

A controversial Louisiana law allowing public schools to teach creationism in science classes is again being targeted for repeal, Raw Story reported Monday.

Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) introduced SB 26 last week, which would repeal the Louisiana Science Education Act. This is the third time Peterson has filed legislation aimed at the education law; her previous attempts in 2011 and 2012 failed to advance past the committee stage.

The Louisiana law, which Governor Bobby Jindal (R) signed in 2008, allows teachers in public schools to use supplemental materials in addition to state-approved texts on scientific subjects. While the state board of education can prohibit supplemental materials it deems inappropriate, teachers do not need state permission before beginning to use the materials. The law's critics say the measure allows teachers to challenge scientific subjects including evolution, global warming and cloning, and paves the way for creationist teachings in classrooms, while advocates say the law promotes critical thinking.

Activist Zack Kopplin, a 19-year-old Rice University student who has fought against the teaching of creationism in classrooms, praised Peterson's effort on Monday.

“America needs a scientific revolution; a Second Giant Leap for Humankind," Kopplin said in a statement. "Fighting for a repeal of Louisiana’s creationism law is ground zero of this revolution. We need a grassroots movement of students who stand up and demand their public officials to support evidence-based science.”



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