03/19/2013 12:23 pm ET

Miami Running Heat Map Shows 305's Favorite Spots To Jog (PHOTOS)

Miami sure loves a good view -- especially when it comes to sweating.

GPS maker Garmin has released dozens of "heat maps" for the most-active cities in the United States, showing where runners go most to get their daily jog on. The company has a central storage called Garmin Connect, where runners and cyclist across the U.S. have logged more than 2.9 trillion miles. A new service update means users can see maps of where people in their cities run most.

"Runners and cyclists frequently ask us where they can find the most popular or safest places for their workouts," the company wrote in a blog post. "Besides being cool to look at, heat maps can help you find a new spot to work out, create a new course, see where you will be near other runners..."

We're not sure any runner is ever "safe" with crazy Miami drivers about, but it's clear from the maps that 305ers have a few favorite spots for working up a sweat. Take a look below and click through to check out Fort Lauderdale and other major cities.

Running Route Heat Maps: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, And Other U.S. Cities