03/19/2013 10:31 am ET

Reddit Launches YouTube Series, "Explain Like I'm 5," That's Surprisingly Adorable For The Website

Have you ever tried to explain to a child why he needs to eat his veggies or what the president does? Think about how difficult that is, and then picture explaining existentialism to a 5-year-old. Reddit has a new YouTube series called "Explain Like I'm Five" based on the subreddit of the same name where two people attempt to explain difficult concepts to preschoolers. The result, as you can imagine, is adorable.

This is the first original video series produced by Reddit, and the videos are sponsored in part by YouTube, The Verge reports. The plan is to create more original content for YouTube based on material created in the popular (and sometimes vulgar) online network as time goes on. There are three videos so far, in which improvisors Michael Kayne and Langan Kingsley explain Friederich Nietzsche, the crisis in Syria, and the volatility of the stock market to a group of precocious five-year-olds. Admittedly tough topics, but it's still a sweet departure for a site is so often criticized for being hateful.

"Explain Like I'm..." is a popular series of subreddits that includes pages like "Explain Like I'm 65", in which people explain tech phenomena like Instagram and Vine as if writing to a 65-year-old, and "Explain Like I'm Calvin," in which people answer questions like: "Why do some people snore and some people don't?" as if writing to Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes." It seems like "Explain Like I'm Five" could be the start of a hilarious new life for Reddit on YouTube.

"Explain Like I'm Five" On YouTube