03/19/2013 01:44 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2015

Indecent Exposure Charges Dismissed In Incident At South Carolina Hotel (UPDATE)

UPDATE: March 3, 2015 -- Charges against a man charged with indecent exposure in connection with a 2013 incident at a wedding in South Carolina were dismissed by the court, according to documents provided by a family representative.


Someone has a wedding gift for you.

A man in South Carolina treated one happy couple to a ceremony they will always remember -- by exposing himself at their reception.

Guests attending the wedding in the courtyard of the DoubleTree hotel claim that Samuel James Dengel, 20, pressed his completely nude body against the window of his hotel room, revealing his squeezed genitalia and buttocks on the glass, ABC 4 reports.

When police knocked on Dengel's door, he was wearing only a towel. Unable to match their suspect to his defining feature, they opted for an alternative give-away.

Patch reports:

Guests reportedly identified Dengel by a tattoo across his back that read "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus," which is Latin for "By the power of truth, I while living, have conquered the universe."

Dengel is charged with indecent exposure, The Morning Call reports. He was released from Charleston County Prison on $10,000 cash bail.