03/19/2013 05:35 pm ET

Scott Weinger: Did You Know DJ's Boyfriend From 'Full House' Was The Voice of Aladdin?

With everyone's nostalgia for "TGIF" piqued by the upcoming "Boy Meets World" spinoff, we thought we'd revisit our old crush from that era. No, it's not Cory Matthews (sorry, Ben Savage). It's Scott Weinger, who played DJ's boyfriend Steve on "Full House." (Has enough time passed since their split for us to ask him out?) Here are some fun facts about Weinger, 37, you might not remember.

1. He was the titular voice of Disney's classic "Aladdin." (For us, there was pretty much nothing more important than "Full House" and "Aladdin" circa 1992).

2. He writes for the new iteration of "90210."

3. He went to Harvard. (Is there nothing he can't do?) In 1995, Weinger told People that while he was thrilled with his tiny Cambridge abode, some classmates assumed him to be high-maintenance because of his Disney pedigree. "I overheard a couple of people say, 'Wow, do you believe that Aladdin kid? I hear they gave him a huge room, a kitchen, a stove and a VCR.' I have none of those things," he said.

4. He and Kimmy Gibbler keep in touch. 5. He still finds Dave Coulier funny.

Scott, call us.



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